An eye in…

Here’s what Jérôme said just after he arrived in South Korea:
“I have spent a couple of days in Tokyo before heading to Korea, l did some training and prepared myself for the race weekend ahead. I’m looking forward to this race – the track was definitely a fun one to drive last year, even with just my brief experience of it in FP1. It’s a very different kind of race, coming from somewhere like Japan where F1 is very established and the fans are just incredible with their support, to a new territory like this and seeing how it can grow from the grass-roots level. I feel that in the last two races in – Singapore and Japan – I’ve built up a strong momentum which I hope I can continue to the end of the season. I’m learning so much with each new race and really enjoying all the new experiences.”

I have to admit that I don’t really like Korea but well, Jérôme did a good job there and that’s a positive thing for him. And he managed to deal with the rainy and then cloudy and then sunny weather. It was difficult to find a good balance for the car but he did his best and the team know it!


Friday: Jérôme ended the 1st practice session 17th (the session was really short because of the heavy rain) and the second one 22nd.

“Today our programme was disturbed by the rain so it hasn’t been the easiest of starts to a race weekend. It’s a shame that it rained for so long really, but at least we were able to understand the behaviour of the Extreme Wet and Intermediate tyres here. We are not totally happy with the car balance yet, so we will have to work on this tonight in order to try and improve it for tomorrow.”

Saturday: the 3rd practice session was a way of improving a little bit the balance of the car but unfortunately it didn’t help Jérôme during the quali session… He had issues with the car and didn’t manage to do a perfect lap. That’s why he started the race 22nd and his time was more than a second slower than Timo. That’s not what Jérôme can do but he didn’t have the same car as Timo, which was a shame :(

“It wasn’t a good day for me. The pace is not there and it’s been like that all weekend. There’s obviously something going wrong, even though we’re not sure where it’s coming from yet so we will have to analyse and try to understand it before tomorrow.”

Sunday: As I said, Jérôme didn’t have a good car this week – end and it didn’t help him during the race too :( He wasn’t able to fight with the cars before him just like in Singapore and that was so disappointing… not Jérôme’s job because he did what he could but his deserved a better car, or at less the same as Timo. He ended this race 20th.

“It wasn’t a great race today, but I can say that compared to yesterday and bearing in mind that we couldn’t do any big changes on the car because of the rules, I think that today went pretty well. We tried to do what we could to compensate with the tools that we had and we went in the right direction. So in general it was good, definitely much better than yesterday.”

Let’s see what will happen in India, for the first GP ever there… Go go go Jérôme!!! Always with you :)

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