An eye in…

Being back in Japan is really special for all the drivers & team after the tragedy that happened in the beginning of the year. And it’s also important for the fans that were many many many and ready to wait all days long to see their heroes! Real fans :)

Jérôme really appreciate the support he got there and even put a belgian flag on his hotel balcony so that the fans that wanted to meet him knew where he was…that’s so nice of him!

Our driver was really looking forward for it: “I think Suzuka is one of the best race tracks on the Formula One calendar. It’s challenging, fast and very technical – everything we hope for in a race track. Last year I had the chance to drive during the first Free Practice session in Japan and I think the first sector is the highlight of the lap; the Esses are incredible and it’s tough to keep the right line. There are also a couple of low-speed corners and a chicane where you have very heavy braking. Overall the layout of the circuit is sensational and I can’t wait to race here.”

To begin, here’s a little video done inside Jérôme’s car while he was making his way to the track, showing us how enthusiastic the fans are in Japan^^



Now, let’s move to serious things: track facts!!


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