A new partner that will help Jérôme shine in F1!

It was announced during the Blegian GP. And now it’s official and we have its name: Soleco.

Here is the new support for Jérôme. This environmental company aims at transforming sunshine into electricity through photovoltaic systems such as solar panels and inverters. So we can say that Soleco makes Jérôme the most eco driver^^ And it’s a 100% Belgian company.

And more important, it will help him to stay in F1 for many years. For now it’s said that it’s a 3 years partnership for about 5 millions euros.

The name of the company will appear this week – end at Monza on his racesuit, his helmet and also on the MVR car.

Congratulations to Jérôme!! Thanks to his talent he’ll soon have no more problems with sponsors or money to stay in F1.

Here’s what Bob Geerkens, Soleco CEO, said about this partnership:

“After many years, finally there is a Belgian driver back in Formula One and Soleco is pleased to be the first Belgian company to support Jérôme on his journey. To underpin its international activities, Soleco Green Energy has found a perfect ambassador in Jérôme and the Marussia Virgin Racing team. This partnership will help us to develop our international ambitions and Soleco will benefit from excellent strategic marketing opportunities. Jérôme is committed to offsetting his carbon emissions. To do so, Soleco will compensate his carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy projects and donating some of the returns to charity and the development of carbon neutral projects and products.”

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