Jérôme D’Ambrosio at Spa

Here we are!!

It’s great to see Jérôme doing lots of events for medias, partners and his fans, but nothing can be better than seeing him on track!!

And after a [too] long summer break (well, for us fans^^), the MVR #25 driver is back in his car :) And his week-end was brilliant! He did a fantastic job & ended the race before his temmate…that’s what we want and love!! He’s getting better and better race after race… Congrats for that Jérôme, that’s just the beginning of a looooong story between you & F1!

Jérôme ended the 1st practice session 19th, doing only 13 laps because of the typical belgian weather^^ His best time was 2.12.772. During the 2nd practice session, he did 21 laps, was again at the mercy of the weather and his best time was 1.56.816; clearly better than in the morning. He did what he can and managed to test many different conditions (only a few laps but that’s important datas), which is great for the rest of the week end.

“It’s great to finally drive here at my home track and in front of all my Belgian fans. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Unfortunately, the typically Belgian weather made it a difficult first day as we would have liked to have completed some more laps in dry conditions. We have to continue working hard but I feel good in the car – it’s great to be at home.”

Saturday: the last practice session was as hard as the first 2 ones with heavy rain and Jérôme managed to do only 12 laps with a best time of 2.17.159. At that point we can assume that nothing is clear, neither for the team nor for the fans, about who is going to be the best there! It’s Spa, it’s magical :)

Qualifications were difficult for Jérôme, as the weather changed a lot and unfortunately he didn’t have the right tyres at the right moment. It started to rain just when he was about to do his fast lap :( He was out of the 107% but allowed to race (of course, a belgian race without THE belgian driver would have been a crime!). He’s finally 20th, before both HRT, Schumacher who crashed and Maldonado who had a penalty. Not that bad for a start :) He didn’t manage to dominate his teammate but the conditions made him unlucky & that’s the game here.

“Of course I’m a bit disappointed about the result, but I’m really happy with my pace this weekend. I think I had a good feeling with the car, I was happy with everything and my performance in normal conditions was quite good. We got it a bit wrong with the strategy – we should have pitted really. But again, it’s very difficult to decide a call like that because it might have just rained a bit earlier and then it wouldn’t have worked. So basically it could have been better but in terms of performance we are there, so it should be good for tomorrow’s race.”

Sunday: RACE DAY!!! For the first time Jérômewill race in a F1 in his country!! That’s a big big moment for him, really emotional! But he managed to concentrate very well (thanks Simon^^) and did a fantastic job! He really really enjoyed the race, even if he had to be careful with his fuel. That was great to see him there for the first time…and of course not the last!! And believe me or not, there wasn’t a single drop during the whole race! He ended it 17th, which is a pretty good result, and even better than he is before Timo! That’s what the fans wanted, and he gave it to us!

“I’m pretty happy about my race I have to say and I was very comfortable with the car balance. It was quite difficult at the start as there was a lot of debris and at one point I thought I had a problem but in the end it was a smooth race. It was also a bit tough in the last laps of the race trying to save fuel. It was the first time I ever had to do that so I had to try to adapt. It was something different but that’s just more experience for me and it worked out okay. I’m very pleased how things went in my first home Grand Prix. There were quite a few incidents today so I focused on keep it nice and clean and in the end the team has another good two-car result. It’s been a great way to start part two of the season.”

As Jérôme said, it’s a great way to start the second part of the season and seeing him like that is really positive! He will progress every race, getting more effective and making us more and more proud to support him! Keep Pushing :)

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