Jérôme D’Ambrosio at Spa…

 has definitely been the busiest driver before his home race in Belgium!!!

Since 10th of August, he did so many media sessions that we can’t count it anymore! He did a fantastic job to promote his home race & also his team [& himseld as a driver of course!].

That’s why I’ll do a special article about his “around the track” race. And don’t worry, he won it^^

The first thing we can say is that Jérôme was really really excited about racing at home: “I have been looking forward to my first Formula One Belgian Grand Prix for a very long time. And now that the weekend has finally arrived I have to say that I am really excited and I can’t wait to race in front of my home fans. It’s been a long time since Belgium had a Formula One driver. So it’s going to be a very special weekend both for me and the fans and I’m going to try to enjoy every moment. There’s nothing like racing at home and Spa is clearly one of my absolute favourite circuits. Its layout gives everything one could want as a driver – fast corners, hills and long straights. It really is one of the most challenging laps in the world. And we can’t forget the legendary corner of Eau Rouge. It’s just amazing!”

Here’s a video of Jérôme D’Ambrosio promo in Belgium (Source – F1imagazine / Toile F1)


also did a great exclusive chat on his website http://www.jeromedambrosio.com/news/exclusive-chat-jerome-6-days-spa-weekend and had (as always we can say^^) a kind word for his fans. He really appreciates the support he has and that makes us support him even more!!!

“I would like to thank all of you for your support messages through Facebook, Twitter etc… It is very motivating for me to feel this support everywhere. I will do my best and I really hope to see you in Spa…”

Thanks to you Jérôme, for making us dream :-)
The Marrusia Virgin driver also took a belgian journalist to the gym, which made him realise that being a F1 driver is NOT easy^^ But as Simon said, he was breathing when he left them :-p


On 23rd of August, Jérôme was invited to the Villa Vanthilt show. You can see the video there (click on the photo) -> 
The next video was done on wednesday 24th by Marussia Virgin and it’s really funny :) We can even see Jérôme dancing…and of course talking about his home race & the football match he did in the evening.

Talking about this match, it was awesome!! Many fans were there and our belgian player scored!! It was a great event for charity! Nazionale Piloti won 6-3 :)


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