About Jérôme D’Ambrosio’s …

Hungary will probably be a key week-end for Jérôme, as negotiations for his 2012 contract with Virgin will take place! But the belgian driver his confident (and so do I!) about his future. His talent is not a secret for his team, he always (except one time) ends the races, he’s always close to his teammate, he did a great job and always improve… so there’s definitely no reason to choose another driver for next year (except perhaps a matter of sponsors & money but let’s hope Gravity Management & Eric Boullier will solve that)!

“I’m well surrounded by Gravity. This allow me to concentrate only on what I have to do during the races.”

And he did it well :) Let’s just have a look at his German GP result, which he’s quite proud of: “I hope this race will be a turning point in my season. I well managed my race to end close to my teammate. And it was the case during the whole week end. I ended 9 races out of 10, which is really important. Now I have to keep it up.”

We can hope an announcement during Jérôme home’s race, Spa… we hope it and believe in it!

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  1. cini_25

    Can only agree to all of the above! He has done a great season this far and has not in the easiest car to drive (I only can assume). Hoping for a long successful F1 career for Jérôme. All the best luck to him!!

    2011/08/03 at 10:31 PM

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