An eye in…

F1 Facts:

–  Jérôme D’Ambrosio arrived in Germany on Wednesday and thursday was the traditional pit walk & media day. He drove there only 2 times before and never with a F1 so it’s all new to him.
– Friday was action time! Helmet on his head, gloves on his hands and hands on the steering wheel, Jérôme did 2 good practice sessions. He tried different set up for qualifying and race (wet and dry) and the most important thing (and problem) here seems to be the temperature. It’s so cold that the tyres aren’t hot enough. All the drivers will have to deal with that all the week end!

“It was a smooth Friday, certainly in comparison to Silverstone where we were disturbed by the weather. We got some good testing done and I’m quite confident for tomorrow. I still need to fine-tune my driving to the track but I’m definitely pretty happy about today.”

– Saturday was action day too, but of course with a bigger issue: be as fast as possible and as close to Timo as possible. And that’s a “job done” for Jérôme, as he ended ahead of both HRT and did his fast lap in 1.36.641 while Timo did 1.36.400. There are still things to improve there to do the perfect lap but that’s a good work!

“I think it was a pretty good qualifying session for me today. I didn’t quite manage to get the maximum out of the car on my fastest lap, and as we have to use the same set-up for the race tomorrow it wasn’t ideal for qualifying anyway. But I’m very pleased to have had a smooth Saturday; we’ve had no rain and no bad luck. As a result we have a good consistent pace so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

– Sunday’s race was another demonstration of Jérôme’s abilities! He did a solid performance, managed to overtake Ricciardo and to be closer and closer to Timo (less than 10 seconds of him at the end of the race!). He just had a problem with some options he took to start the race and that were not the good ones (experience will learn him not to make these little mistakes anymore) . He was also, as usual, disadvantaged by the blue flags but then, when he had a clear track, he improved his times each lap. Well done :- ) At the end he’s 18th. The team also did a fantastic job as the car is always reliable!

“I’m happy about the weekend. I feel like I’m back on the right track and although there’s definitely more improvements I can make, particularly in qualifying, I’m going in the right direction. The last few weekends have been a bit tough and this is the one I’ll be focusing on. I’d like to keep this momentum in Hungary before the break and stay as close as possible to Timo.”

And as always, it’s a #ProudOfYou week – end that Jérôme did!! Next stop in Hungary… next week-end!

Paddock facts:

Jérôme doesn’t really know how to use a tablet (well apart from his own IPad)^^

– He talked about the music he likes during a MVR event and also taught the team that Johnny Hallyday is Belgian and not French!

– He seemed to have a little cold on Saturday (coughing during an interview) but that’s nearly natural with that weather^^ A chance he didn’t have flu!

– Timo signed until 2014 with MVR… let’s hope there will be the same announcement for Jérôme soon!! Fingers crossed! HE DESERVES IT!!


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