An eye in…

Another great performance for Jérôme during the British GP! He did a solid race, improve himself all over the week-end, and even fight against Tonio & Timo [on track of course!] during the race :)

It’s now clear that he’s really really talented (well, it was already for me but in the Paddock everbody recognizes his qualities) and this is a great thing for his future – with Marussia Virgin or not…we’ll probably learn more about that after the summer break but the most important is that he finds a team and he WILL.

Here are the most important facts of his week-end:

And here is a funny slide show of our driver^^

1. I really wonder why Jérôme had this megaphone & also what he was telling!
2. Cars 2 had some childish influence on him… and we love it!
3. Hey you^^ Just like his expression!

And of course, the last word will be about Jérôme & his fans! Again, he was so kind, signed many autographs during the party at Stowe (on friday evening) although it was soooo cold, took photos, talked to everybody and always kept smiling… that’s also why we are proud of him (for sure after his talent on track!).

Next stop will be in Germany, and I can’t wait to see him on track again!

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