First day for Jérôme at…

Jérôme D’Ambrosio was waiting for this “home GP” (after the official home GP…Spa of course!) and here’s what he said before going to the track:

“After my own first home race in Belgium next month, this is the race I have been most looking forward to. I live in Oxford now so Silverstone is right on the doorstep and I feel very much ‘at home’ in the team and the area. There are a lot of similarities with the Belgian weather for sure. I’ve raced at Silverstone many times before – it’s a fantastic high-speed track with very quick directional changes and great corners like Becketts and Stowe.”

The other great news (after Cars 2^^) of the week was the announcement of a partnership with Mclaren, which will surely improve the team performances! That’s great for Jérôme :)

“There is a lot happening around the team at the moment, which is all very exciting. The announcements this week are great news for all of us and I can’t wait to see how we can develop from here because we have an amazing opportunity for a team that is so young. I hope we can end the week as well as we have started it.”

Today, the Marussia Virgin #25 driver had a busy day!

First of all, he went to Stowe School to visit the camping site (empty at that time!) and give an interview (photo -> thanks Simon!):

Then, he went to the track and did many many things for the team & the fans: photos with THE star of the week-end (Flash McQueen of course^^), interviews, autograph session on the pitlane, track walk, twitter chat… Jérôme is definitely a busy driver! But always so kind :)

During the twitter session, we learnt many interesting things about him – his favorite Cars character is “the old truck” (Well Mater / Martin^^) – his feet are 41 – his favorite TV Show is Top Gear – the nickname linked with Cars 2 he would choose is “Flying Custard”!! – the last book he read was “Le Mystère Napoléon” – he loves custards – his favorite sandwich is tomato, salad, chicken and some mustard… that was SO fun, thanks to the team & Jérôme for doing it!

Next events in Jérôme‘s week-end:

– First & Second practice sessions tomorrow

– Marussia Virgin Racing event at Stowe School (BBQ with the fans and appearance, interviews…) tomorrow [evening]

– Last practice session & Qualifying session on saturday

– And of course, race day on sunday :)

I wish you a great week – end with Marussia Virgin Racing #GoJérôme!!!

2 responses

  1. Je croise les doigts aussi :) Je pense qu’il a ses chances oui; il fait du super boulot! Il faut juste que les sponsors suivent quoi (yn) Si on gagne au loto on sait quoi faire :p

    2011/07/08 at 7:32 PM

  2. Je te dis pas comme je suis excitée depuis que j’ai appris le partenariat avec Mclaren !
    Je ne décroise pas les doigts depuis pour que Jérôme garde son baquet l’an prochain !
    Espérons que les investisseurs belges tiendront leurs promesses et payeront !
    Tu penses qu’il a ses chances pour l’an prochain ?

    2011/07/08 at 11:08 AM

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