A new Teammate for Jérôme!

Today, at Horse Guards Parade in London, was launched Marussia Virgin partnership with Disney Pixar!

Sir Richard Branson was there with his daughter and the guest stars were models of Flash McQueen, Finn McMissile & of course a Marussia Virgin Racing F1 car :)

“Cars 2” will appear on Jérôme & Timo’s cars during the British GP this week-end at Silverstone and a special Cars 2 event will be organised for the fans who will attend MVR week-end at Stowe School.

This special & fun partnership is really original and in accordance with the team philosophy: friendly, young and of course looking forward to a future full of victories!

Congratulation for that partnership, it’s a great idea & we can’t wait to see the cars on track!

2 responses

  1. Je pense en effet que Raquel a une gade robe scandaleusement pleine lol ! et en ce qui concerne les chaussures elle doit avoisiner les 200paires, facilement (mon reve). Mais apparement elle refile pas mal de trucs a ses 3 soeurs qui ont la meme morphologie qu’elle (les veinardes).

    2011/07/06 at 12:11 AM

  2. Melo

    Ça va faire bizar de voir les cars sur les voitures ! C’est sympa en tout cas ! Tout le circus F1 aura participé a ce cars 2, même raquel !!

    2011/07/04 at 9:45 PM

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