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After arriving in Valencia on wednesday, Jérôme had a very busy thursday!

First he did his track with his team to analyze it. It was already very hot and sunny and the track was dirty.

Then, he did many interviews dor many different medias, as you can see on that photo. Jérôme did a special report for the belgian TV Media, in which he showed us his special room and all his F1 stuff (socks, helmets, gloves, computers…). It was so interesting to see that! We learnt that he normally uses 2 helmets per race, 2 pairs of shoes, 4 or 5 racesuits, 2 pairs of gloves.




He also signed autographs in the pitlane for the fans, always with kindness and smile!

During the day he helped Timo doing a photoshoot for the new Team merchandising^^Yes, Jérôme is able to do many many things!

I’ll end the story of this first day by telling a word about Jérôme‘s new haircut: a summer one! And it’ll definitely help him survive the heat of Valencia!



was practice day, just as saturday morning. Under Valencia’s sun (and clouds for a part of the sessions), Jérôme worked hard to improve his car and try different set up to prepare the qualifying session and of course the race!


He also did plans (A – B and even C!) with his physio Simon.

He was 20th in FP1, 21st in FP2 & 23rd in FP3

“I think it was a good day today. We ran very smoothly through the programme which was great. We focused on the long runs in the second session and gathered some good data for the race. I’m looking forward to continuing tomorrow, as we have arrived at a good basis today.”





was an important day. Indeed, it was Quali day! And Jérôme aimed at doing his best lap to be able to do the race and start in front of HRTs.

But unfortunately he had a problem with his car at the end of Q1 :( Something broke and he wasn’t able to do his best lap. But he managed to do a lap in 1.43.735, which allowed him to take part to the race, 23rd on the grid.


“A bit of a disappointing end to the day. We’ve had a good weekend until qualifying, when something broke at the rear of the car. But at least it’s better that it happens today rather than tomorrow so we still have the opportunity for a good race.”

[This photo shows Simon‘s creativity^^ I just love this shot!]






Race day!!! And as I believe in Jérôme, I’m sure he’ll do a great race!!

It’s been hotter and hotter in Valencia and the drivers suffered a lot…but not as much as Jérôme! :O Indeed, he was unable to use his drink bottles during all the race and that made him loose 3 kgs during the race! But luckily he seems to be fine!

What about the race? It was a boring race, and nothing really special happened… No Safety Car, no DNF, no big show… but our Virgin driver did a great job, ending the race in front of both HRT and simply ending the race -without water- 22nd (just as Simon’s prediction)!



2 responses

  1. Merci beaucoup pour mon article ;)

    Oui franchement en Turquie on s’éclate toujours alors que Valence depuis le 1er GP on s’ennuie…

    lol c’est clair que la chaleur on connait pas trop^^ Je crois que je n’aurais pas survécu moi :p

    2011/06/26 at 10:06 PM

  2. Melo

    J’adore ton article !!!

    Comme l’a dit Gaétan il a rempli sa mission, il a fini la course!
    Pauvre Jérome sans eau ! En plus un belge ça supporte pas bien la chaleur, pas habitué LOL!

    Je déteste le circuit de Valence, les courses sont tjs chiantes la bas! D’ailleurs ça me révolte de voir que crts gp comme la Turquie sont menaces alors que l’Espagne a 2gp, dont cette horreur qu’est Valence!

    2011/06/26 at 9:05 PM

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